Friday, February 27, 2004

Yahoo! News - 'Probiotic' Baby Formula Deemed Safe in Study

Fri Feb 27,11:28 AM ET
By Amy Norton
"NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Infant formula fortified with 'good' bacteria appears safe, and may help ease babies' irritability, new research suggests. The study, funded by Nestle USA, a maker of infant formula, adds to evidence that so-called probiotic foods may have digestive and immune system benefits, according to the authors. These are, however, benefits that breast feeding has already been shown to have, an expert not involved in the study pointed out. Beneficial bacteria dwell by the trillions in the human body, helping to defend it from disease-causing bugs. People have long gotten an added boost of good bacteria from foods such as yogurt and other fermented dairy products..... "

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Canadian obesity rates differ by geography, income: report
Last Updated Wed, 25 Feb 2004 22:20:47
"OTTAWA - A new report reinforces the long-held view that rich people tend to live longer, healthier lives than the middle class and low-income Canadians. The Canadian Institute for Health Information's population health branch released the report, Improving the Health of Canadians on Wednesday. The report's authors measured measured inequalities in health among children, Aboriginal Peoples and low-income Canadians. "This report highlights how long-term choices in social policy – from physical activity in schools to pensions for seniors – can also have profound implications for our health," said Dr. Cameron Mustard, chair of the population health council in a release. ...The report recommends five strategies to prevent obesity: 1) Encourage breastfeeding because evidence suggests the longer a baby is nourished by breast milk alone, the lower the risk of developing obesity in childhood.
..." [Yay, not only is this a recommendation, it's the top recommendation of a list of five. - JC]

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Pediatric politics stalls Ad Council campaign
[Delayed coverage of the Ad Council breastfeeding campaign fiasco...- JC]
Chicago Parent | Short Stuff
January, 2004
Eryn McGary
"Federal officials are putting on hold a planned multi-million-dollar Ad Council public service campaign to promote breastfeeding. And if formula makers have their way, the current campaign, two years in development, may be scrapped altogether. The companies, Ross Products, the unit of Chicago-based Abbott Laboratories that makes Similac and Isomil, and Mead Johnson, the Bristol-Myers Squibb subsidiary that makes Enfamil, say the Ad Council uses "scare tactics" to persuade new moms to nurse their babies for at least six months....."

Sunday, February 22, 2004 - Mimi Hernandez's bank job isn't the usual 9-to-5: "
D. Fahleson / Chronicle
" Miosotis 'Mimi' Hernandez had jumped from one food-service job to another. A year and a half ago, she was slapping sandwiches together at Subway. Now she's the go-between for moms and their babies.

Hernandez, 24, preps and delivers pumped breast milk to the hungry at Texas Children's Hospital. ..."

Friday, February 20, 2004

Go Ahead and Cry. It's Happy Hour.
New York Times
Published: February 20, 2004

On a recent Monday afternoon, a woman wandered into Terra 47, a cheery little cafe off Union Square in Manhattan.

She quickly retreated, her eyes wide as she backed out of the restaurant's red Art Nouveau-style doors.

It might have been that the tiny lemon-yellow space was already bursting at the seams. It might have been the occasional bared breast. Or just possibly, it might have been that some of the tipplers inside appeared to be shy of the current drinking age - by a couple of decades. ..."

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Breast-Feeding At Work; ADHS Promotes And Practices Policy
: "Arizona Capitol Times
By Sandi J. miller and David R. Miller
"Diana Ogden encourages businesses to allow breast-feeding in the workplace. Ms. Ogden knows what can happen when mothers are discouraged. "I had a client who said her boss would not let her pump breast milk anywhere in the business," she says. "She'd have to go out to her car, in 110-degree weather. What a horrible thing." As a site supervisor and nutritionist with the Maricopa County Department of Public Health, Ms. Ogden is determined to erase the stigma associated with breast-feeding in the workplace. She's not alone. The Arizona Department of Health Services has initiated a breast-feeding program to address issues and increase the practice though education, awareness and policy change. The program promotes breast-feeding as the superior method of feeding infants and young children in order to build their immunity to disease and help form strong, straight teeth...."

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Gods breastfeeding? Bajrang Dal appalled
"Gods breastfeeding? Bajrang Dal appalled
NGO faces flak for"radical posters" JAIPUR, FEBRUARY 10: Trial posters developed for a health programme run by NGO CARE India were confiscated after Bajrang Dal activists in Udaipur objected to Gods being used as symbols to promote breastfeeding. Posters depicting goddeses Yashoda and Parvati feeding Krishna and Ganesha were among those found objectionable."

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Moral Mob Mauled Blind by Janet's Areola Borealis: "Published on Tuesday, February 10, 2004 by the Daytona Beach News-Journal
by Pierre Tristam
"At Halifax Memorial Hospital three months ago I found myself locked, without a valid avenue of escape, in a four-hour seminar on breastfeeding. Expectant mothers outnumbered extraneous fathers by a ratio of six to one, though there I was, one of those ones duly seated next to my wife and the future terror she was carrying. I wasn't playing sensitive husband. I have no illusions that men could be much more than third wheels when it comes to such things as birth and breastfeeding. The sensitivity cartel finds things for men to do, of course. But if make-work of the foot-massage and shoulder-to-cry-on variety generally makes men feel less useless, it doesn't begin to diminish post-partum agonies on the other side (nor make up for only vicariously experiencing the elation of life-giving). The reason I was attending the seminar was mostly anthropological. I wanted to take stock of the breast in third-millennium America. If the degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons, as Dostoevsky may or may not have said, the degree of imbecility in a society can be judged by the way it handles its breasts. Come to find that I could have skipped the four-hour epic at Halifax for the flash of Janet Jackson's areola borealis at the Superbowl halftime show. The cultural uprising let loose by that split-second flop says more about the nation's arrested development than a year's worth of Ph.D. theses from every sociology department in the hemisphere. "
ic NorthernIreland - How A Grieving Mother's Faith Saved A Baby's Life
Feb 10 2004
"Reporter ANNE PALMER talks to the brave mother who, through her Christian beliefs, donated her breast milk to help another newborn live, after the death of her own child. THE true spirit and generosity shown by a grieving Ulster mum who lost her new-born baby has touched the hearts of staff coordinating the Human Milk Bank in Co Fermanagh...."
Wal-Mart right to say no - Opinion -
By Linda Magloughlin
Letter to the Editor
"I would like to say a big thank you to Wal-Mart for asking a mother to stop breast-feeding in public. I am a breast-feeding mother and would never think of doing such a thing. The typical response of those who feel this should be allowed is, 'It's perfectly natural!' Indeed, but so are defecating and intercourse, and how many of us would expect to do such things in public without being arrested? How many of us would want to watch others doing such things? The sad thing is that Wal-Mart felt pressured to apologize to the woman, stating that they were sorry for her being inconvenienced. Is it an unacceptable inconvenience to have to find a restroom rather than urinate in public? While some would say yes, I believe and hope that most of us would say no. Again, thank you, Wal-Mart. I hope the attempt to make public breast-feeding legal fails dismally. What's next, public masturbation? -- Linda Magloughlin, Fort Collins " [I like the analogy about lips - they are erotic, but we don't expect them to be covered... - JC]

Monday, February 09, 2004

IOL : Breast is best... and that's the law, mom
February 09 2004 at 04:00AM
By Estelle Ellis, Gill Gifford and Jillian Green
"Breast milk is superior to any other way of feeding infants. It is valuable for the sustained health of babies to be breastfed for at least six months and even beyond the age of two. Partial artificial feeding can have a negative effect. If draft regulations issued by the department of health are put into practice, these are just some of the warnings that will be contained in every story written about ways to feed babies.The regulations will also bar the advertisement and promotion of infant formula, follow-up formula or any other milk product marketed as suitable for feeding an infant or toddler. It is also aimed at barring the advertisement of 'any other product marketed or otherwise represented as suitable for the feedings of infants up to the age of six months', feeding bottles, teats, dummies and feeding cups. According to the draft regulations, no negative claims may be made about the nutritional content of human milk...."

If you're brave enough for a nipple piercing, just be careful
Edmonton Journal, Chris Zdeb, Monday, February 09

"With the nipple shield you have to have your nipple pierced for at least three months and it has to be fully healed before you can even change to that jewelry,' says Nikki Guimond at Dragon FX. She had a nipple pierced so she could describe first hand for customers how it feels -- like a sharp pain similar to piercing an ear lobe or navel, but not as intense as having the cartilege pierced on the top of the ear -- and how it heals. Guimond thinks it hurts less for women than men, 'because (nipples) are made for babies to nurse and they're going to be biting on them so we're more desensitized.'"... [Really?! It says it in the newspaper, so it must be so. Who knew Janet Jackson would have such an impact... - JC]

Saturday, February 07, 2004 - Health Alert - Doctors Join FDA In Warning Against Drinking Star Anise Tea
Star Anise Teas Cause Adverse Reactions, Especially In Children
"POSTED: 4:09 PM EST February 6, 2004
MIAMI -- The federal Food and Drug Administration issued a warning months ago concerning tea brewed from star anise. Now, doctors want to reinforce the warning, saying they continue to see patients for emergency treatment after drinking the tea. Tea brewed from star anise, or anise estrellado, is often given to infants for colic. But Children's Hospital in Miami reports that in the past two years, doctors have seen seven cases of adverse neurologic reactions among infants 2 weeks to 3 months who were exposed to star anise tea....'Interestingly, one was a case of a breastfed infant. The mother was taking it herself, did not administer to the baby and the baby seized. So it has transmitted through breast milk ..."

Monday, February 02, 2004

"Breast-feeding may prevent weight problems - study 
"CHICAGO (Reuters) - The longer white infants from low-income families are breast-fed, the less likely they will be overweight as young children, researchers said on Monday. The study of more than 177,000 children from low-income families who visited U.S. public health clinics between 1988 and 1992 found that formula-fed infants and babies breast-fed for less than a month were more likely to develop weight problems by age 4 than infants breast-fed for longer periods."
KRT Wire | 02/02/2004 | Family briefs: Breastfeeding, marketing to kids, Leap Day babies
Mon, Feb. 02, 2004
"(KRT) - The newly revised 'The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding' is now available.The book, known to many moms as the breast-feeding bible, features current research on the benefits of human milk, instructions on how to position a baby, suggestions on working and breast-feeding, and more..."