Thursday, February 06, 2003

Ananova - Artist plans to serve food made from urine and breast milk "A German artist is planning to serve diners meals made from urine and human breast milk.

Conceptual artist Karl-Friedrich Lentze has applied for a permission to serve soups enriched with urine and cakes made of breast milk in a restaurant in the town of Euskirchen." [Ugh. What bugs me the most about this is the association between urine and breast milk - what is he trying to say, that ingesting breastmilk is as disgusting as urine? Or that urine is healthy and natural. It doesn't work for me. - JC]
The Two baby deaths reportedThe Courier Mail reports a possible murder of a 10 month old, and then says:

" In a separate incident, detectives are investigating the death of a one-month-old baby boy at a New Farm house in Brisbane's inner-city at 3am yesterday.

Police said it appeared the mother may have accidentally suffocated the child after she fell asleep while breastfeeding.

Police said the death was not suspicious but investigations were continuing."

[ What a tragedy. It seems more and more we are getting these reports of babies suffocated in their parent's beds, and we see admonishments about not sleeping with baby. This story makes it clear - "fell asleep while breastfeeding." We need to work hard on this issue. We need to work for accurate news reports. One thing we can do is to present the numbers of co-sleeping families and then get news outlets to do reports on safe co-sleeping. This will sensitize journalists to the realities and help them look for co-factors when reporting these deaths. - JC]