Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Australian: Milk's up, and mums can bank on it [April 08, 2005]: "Milk's up, and mums can bank on it
Paige Taylor
April 08, 2005

THE frustration is small but real - joyful first-time mother Carmel Tustin is among thousands of Australian women whose babies' special nutrition needs exceed what one human body can produce.
Mrs Tustin's twins, Grace and Thomas, who were born 11 weeks early and need eight daily feeds of high-protein milk, are doing well at Perth's King Edward Memorial Hospital on a mixture of their mother's milk and cow's milk formula. "
NH tests water for lead, cooper content: "
MNSUN - News
(Created 4/7/2005 9:19:47 AM)
"In 2004, the city of New Hope tested drinking water for lead and copper content in a number of homes, as required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. More than 10 percent of the homes tested were above the federal action level for lead in drinking water. More lead and copper testing is scheduled for 2005. Lead seldom occurs naturally in water supplies, but enters water primarily as a result of corrosion of materials in household plumbing that contains lead. Exposure to too much lead can create significant health problems, particularly for young children and pregnant women. "
Scientists disagree over whether breast is best for AIDS babies
Taipei Times
Thursday, Apr 07, 2005,Page 9
"Breastfeeding, a practice that is encouraged internationally, is under scrutiny in Africa where little research has been undertaken on this method of nourishing infants in a time of AIDS. Breast milk carries the AIDS virus. It is widely accepted that an estimated 15 percent of infants who are breastfed by infected mothers contract the virus. Yet breastfeeding is still widely promoted as the safest option in Africa, where AIDS is rife and where the sanitary conditions needed for the preparation of artificial infant foods do not prevail..."