Saturday, April 16, 2005

WKYT 27 NEWSFIRST & WYMT Mountain News - Kentucky Father Campaigns For Breast Milk
"JB Hawes says he's looking for breast milk from any healthy woman willing to donate. 'To justify what I have, all the blessings I've received, I try to give back as much as possible', says Hawes. Three years ago, Hawes picked up a lady who was hitch-hiking. Four months ago, he saw her pregnant. 'She called and she was crying and didn't know what she was going to do with the baby and I said, well, would you let me adopt it?' He picked up Aden at 3 days old. Hawes refuses to give Aden anything but breast milk. He says breast milk makes the little boy a lot happier. When his supply ran scarce he begin advertising. He's received 75 responses that he both screens and interviews. 'Basically, I'm trying to find mothers who really are, in my opinion, true mothers', says Hawes. Fifty five bags of breast milk were delivered to Hawes last week by two willing donors in Louisville..."