Sunday, January 05, 2003

Infant formula gifts for New Years' babes "As the first baby, Hailey and her family received a special gift basket courtesy of the hospital containing a teddy bear, baby outfits, baby booties and several other goodies. The hospital also will provide diapers and formula for Hailey when she goes home." [This note, from a Texas newspaper, is typical of the reports of gifts given to literally thousands of New Years Babies across North America. I wonder if anybody has thought of doing a study on the rate of breastfeeding of New Years Babies? - JC]
Skin-tone study tests for vitamin D's secrets -
By Ruth Pollard, Health Writer
January 3 2003

"Researchers at St George Hospital this year will undertake what is said to be the world's largest study of vitamin D levels in pregnant mothers and their newborn.

The study, which will test 1000 women and their babies over the next six months, aims to track the rate of vitamin D deficiencies in dark-skinned women compared with the broader population.
Dark-skin races did not photoactivate vitamin D as well as lighter-skinned people, and they released less vitamin D into breast milk, he said."

Star Telegram | 01/05/2003 | The how and why of milk donation Posted on Sun, Jan. 05, 2003
The how and why of milk donation
By Carolyn Poirot
Star-Telegram Staff Writer

Angela Plunkett says she began donating breast milk to the Mothers' Milk Bank at Austin because she was producing more than her daughter, Hannah, now 2, could consume -- and her freezer was full.

She resumed the time-consuming effort when Emma, now 8 months, was born.

"I had so much milk, I was uncomfortable," Plunkett says. "My first baby was a boy, and he would drink as much milk as I made. There was no over-production. But Hannah would nurse on one side and be satisfied, so I would pump the other side and freeze it for later, thinking production might slow down just when she started needing more."

But production remained high, and Plunkett already had a freezer full of milk in June 2000 when she saw a poster presentation on milk banking at a La Leche League area conference.