Thursday, September 20, 2012

Roby's Story - mom regains supply and goes on to donate

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This story (which is posted in Spanish but you can use Chrome's translate feature to read it in English) is about a mom who used an at breast supplementer when her milk supply wasn't sufficient. She received donor milk and at the age of five months her child started to refuse the supplementer but still wanted to breastfeed. She discovered she was able to meet all his needs at the breast. Then, as time went on she discovered she has a surplus and was able to donate to another family!

Roby at his mother's breast, donor milk via an at breast supplementer.
Roby's StorySeptember 5, 2012 | Filed under: Stories and tagged with: My story begins with shared milk natural birth of my son, Roby. I suspected that perhaps would not have enough milk for him (never produced enough milk for my first baby), but I had a natural birth to increase chances of success in breastfeeding.He grabbed the breast immediately after birth, and was nursed when wanted from that time forward.... more