Thursday, October 17, 2002

Breastfeeding welcome here "Breastfeeding mothers are being officially welcomed into cafes and restaurants as part of a national awareness campaign. The campaign was launched in Mackay this week and a group of breastfeeding mothers took advantage of this new status to take their bubs along and enjoy a get together. Local businesses who say 'yes' to breastfeeding are issued with a kit when they meet the following criteria - a welcoming attitude by staff and management, a smoke free environment and room to move a pram."
[Great article, includes photos of women in a restaurant and of the sign prepared for the businss owners. Great campaign, Australia!]
Yahoo! News - Rapid Early Growth Linked to Type 1 Diabetes Diabetes Care 2002;25:1755-1760
This is an interesting story, but unfortunately the researchers don't have enough information about feeding methods to be able to say anything definitively about breastfeeding and its role.
Martek gets Canada nod on infant formulaDHA and ARA oils to be added to infant formula in Canada.