Thursday, February 13, 2003

Martek licenses oils to overseas baby food maker
2003-02-12 - Baltimore Business Journal
"A Spanish baby-food maker signed a license agreement with Columbia-based Martek Biosciences Corp. Laboratorios Ordesa gets the right to use Martek's technology for including fatty acids in infant formula. Martek will receive an unspecified cash payment and royalties from the sale of Laboratorios Ordesa's products in Spain and Italy. The Barcelona, Spain-based firm makes infant formula and baby foods. Martek develops nutritional supplements and oils for use in infant formulas."
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation Announces $3 Million in HIV/AIDS Research Grants
Wed Feb 12 14:30:34 2003 Pacific Time
BOSTON, Feb. 12 (AScribe Newswire)
"At a special ceremony held in conjunction with the 12th Conference for Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections today, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation announced more than $3 million in new grants for its HIV/AIDS research programs. The Foundation presented two of the most promising HIV/AIDS scientists - Dr. Paul Bieniasz and Dr. Grace John-Stewart - with its highest award, the Elizabeth Glaser Scientist Award. The Award provides $700,000 for five years of research dedicated to the treatment and prevention of pediatric HIV/AIDS. The Foundation also announced new funding to support eight Basic Research Grants and three Scholar Awards, including studies focused on preventing mother-to-child transmission, a unique project aimed at preventing breastmilk transmission, and a novel drug discovery project, among others....Dr. Grace John-Stewart is an associate professor at the University of Washington in Seattle. Through her Elizabeth Glaser Scientist Award she will evaluate viral and immune responses to antiretroviral regimens in breastfeeding HIV positive mothers and their infants to increase our understanding of how these regimens may decrease breastmilk transmission of HIV..."
Concerns about soya in pregnancy,
"An animal study has raised concerns about the safety of eating soya during pregnancy after male offspring of rats fed a chemical found in soya suffered sexual development problems. Male rats exposed to the chemical, called genistein, while still in the womb and later through breastfeeding developed large prostate glands and small testes and were unable to mate. Although the finding does not prove genistein is harmful to humans, scientists at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Maryland who conducted the research are calling for more studies...."
Drug-Resistant HIV Passed Through Breast Milk
Wed Feb 12, 5:32 PM ET
By Deborah Mitchell
BOSTON (Reuters Health)
"HIV-infected women given a single dose of the anti-AIDS drug nevirapine during labor to prevent them from transmitting the virus to their baby harbor HIV in their breast milk that is resistant to the drug, according to the results of a small clinical trial...."