Monday, June 23, 2003

Babies Aren't the Only Beneficiaries of Breast-Feeding: "Babies Aren't the Only Beneficiaries of Breast-Feeding
Carrie Boretz for The New York Times


"Breast is best' "— that is what health care providers and advocates tell mothers who are making decisions about how to feed their newborns.

What is usually meant by that statement is this: compared with bottle feeding, breast-feeding offers incomparable benefits to children, even to those fed that way for a relatively short time. Among the benefits are reduced risks of asthma, lymphoma, sudden infant death syndrome, meningitis, pneumonia, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, infections, diarrhea and colds. In a majority of studies, breast-fed children have I.Q.'s 3 to 10 points higher than children who are nursed by the bottle. ..."
Taipei Times - archives: "Breastfeeding has many benefits, association says
By Melody Chen
Monday, Jun 23, 2003,Page 2

"'The purpose of the association is to create a friendly environment for breastfeeding in Taiwan.'

The Breastfeeding Association Taiwan (BAT)
President Chen Shui-bian's (³¯¤ô«ó) daughter Chen Hsing-yu (³¯©¯§±) shared the benefits of breastfeeding in an article posted on the Breastfeeding Association Taiwan (BAT) Web site, which will be launched on 29 June.

A founding member of the association pointed out yesterday that breastfeeding is not seen as being trendy in this country and that the promotion of the practice faced many obstacles.

The BAT has 172 members -- most of them are intellectuals and 16 of them are males. Chen Hsing-yu is an honorable member, the association said."..."