Saturday, September 15, 2012

Surrogate mom describes her milksharing experiences

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World Milksharing Week 2012 (Sept. 24-30)

A surrogate mom provides milk for the child she birthed, and has milk to spare for the child of an adoptive mom. She also donates and wet-nurses a child whose mother cannot produce milk. Read what happens when she runs into this milk baby a year later!

Tiffany ~ Surrogate Mother and Donor (Canada)
September 7, 2012 | Filed under: stories and tagged with: It all started with a beautiful baby girl, S. As a gestational surrogate, I gave birth to S in 2010. S’s parents and I agreed enthusiastically that breastmilk would give S the best start in life, so after nursing S at the breast for the first 8 days of her life, I committed to pumping for the next several months. So began a daily routine that totalled 3 hours of pumping time, and weekly trips to the courier depot, to ship the Liquid Gold half way across the country. But my milk came in with a fury, and I had milk to spare.