Monday, December 08, 2003

The Daily Telegraph | Working mothers turning to bottle
By ZOE TAYLOR Medical Reporter
December 9, 2003
"WOMEN are under more pressure than ever to quit breastfeeding and return to work in a trend that is worrying health professionals. It's part of the reason for a new push by NSW Health to encourage breastfeeding. At six months, fewer than 20 per cent of NSW babies are being exclusively breastfed. The World Health Organisation recommends babies receive nothing but breast milk for the first six months..."
Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/08/2003 | Dispute over tone delays ad push for breast-feeding
By Marie McCullough
Inquirer Staff Writer

"A government-funded advertising campaign to encourage breast-feeding is being toned down and postponed amid criticism that the ads make unproven medical claims and use scare tactics. The leading critics are the makers of infant formula, a multibillion-dollar industry. Complaints also have come from officials at the American Academy of Pediatrics, a group that staunchly promotes breast-feeding and drew fire in 1997 for urging new mothers to commit to the practice for at least a year...."
Update on Hospitalized Remedia Babies
Arutz Sheva - Israel National News
14:48 Dec 08, '03 / 13 Kislev 5764
( Three infants remain in the Schneider's Children's Hospital and Tel HaShomer Hospital, all in serious condition - the result of the vitamin b1 deficiency in the Remedia soy-based infant formula...."