Thursday, October 23, 2003

Growth of 30 percent Chinese babies impaired by lack of breast
: "Growth of 30 percent Chinese babies impaired by lack of breast
( 2003-10-21 10:07) (
"Thirty percent of Chinese women are unable to breast feed their babies for various reasons, which impairs the normal growth of their infants at the same percentage, said Ding Zongyi, a celebrated Chinese professor on baby medical science, on Monday. Heavy workload and life pressures or physical conditions, including the lack of milk, were major reasons leading to young mothers' failure to breast feed, Ding said. " / Latest News / Northeast / Court decision may change vote on anti-gay marriage amendment
By Jennifer Peter, Associated Press, 10/22/2003 17:24
"BOSTON (AP) As gay advocates prepared for the first-ever Statehouse hearing on legalizing same-sex marriages, key lobbyists said Wednesday that legislative support could be building for a bill that would do the exact opposite. The House and Senate are scheduled to meet in joint session Nov. 12 to consider a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as a union between one man and one woman an initiative that was defeated last year by more than half of the state's 200 lawmakers. But an impending decision by the state's highest court, which many believe could set a national precedent on the legalization of gay marriage, may be shaking up the Legislature, according to Arline Isaacson of the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus. ''Legislatures are very nervous about this because of the (Supreme Judicial Court) decision,'' Isaacson said. ''It could change everything. It makes it less abstract.'' The Judiciary Committee is holding a public hearing Thursday on legislative initiatives to legalize gay marriage and civil union, as well as several other hot-button social issues, including abortion restrictions, assisted suicide and breast-feeding in public. [wow, breastfeeding in public is a hot button issue right along side assisted suicide and legalizing gay marriage... who knew?! - JC]
Food Navigator - Ingredients, Food Additives & Nutrition (fibers, proteins, enzymes, food safety, science, ingredients): "Infant formula - does it really cause obesity?
"A major trial on European children is to examine how early childhood diet can reduce the risk of obesity in later life. The findings could lead to development of new infant foods and reformulating of protein contents.

Obesity is increasing steadily among European children, causing concern for the serious consequences seen in adulthood. Nutrients supplied during infancy are thought to have a lasting, programming effect on later obesity risk. There has also been some evidence to show that infants fed formula milk are more likely to become obese than breastfed infants although two studies published last week appeared to disprove this theory.

However researchers on the Chopin project, funded by the EU Framework, point to evidence showing that longer duration of breastfeeding has a marked effect on reducing later obesity risk. One hypothesised reason for this, to be tested in the new trial, is the relative higher protein content of some infant formulae compared with breast milk. ..."
Scoop: CTU Biennial Conference 2003
"CTU Biennial Conference 2003
Friday, 24 October 2003, 8:52 am
Press Release: New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

Biennial Conference 2003
Summary of discussion
Work-life Balance

In 2002 the CTU released the Thirty Families Report as part of the CTU's wider Get a Life! campaign. It highlighted that work hours was a significant issue for many workers, their families and communities. Since then the CTU has identified the need to build on the Thirty Families report by exploring other areas of work-life balance that are of critical importance to workers and develop organising and campaign activities that can contribute to improving work-life balance for workers." [ References legislation to require breastfeeding work breaks. - JC]