Monday, February 09, 2004

If you're brave enough for a nipple piercing, just be careful
Edmonton Journal, Chris Zdeb, Monday, February 09

"With the nipple shield you have to have your nipple pierced for at least three months and it has to be fully healed before you can even change to that jewelry,' says Nikki Guimond at Dragon FX. She had a nipple pierced so she could describe first hand for customers how it feels -- like a sharp pain similar to piercing an ear lobe or navel, but not as intense as having the cartilege pierced on the top of the ear -- and how it heals. Guimond thinks it hurts less for women than men, 'because (nipples) are made for babies to nurse and they're going to be biting on them so we're more desensitized.'"... [Really?! It says it in the newspaper, so it must be so. Who knew Janet Jackson would have such an impact... - JC]

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