Friday, September 26, 2008

Rent-a-lactator idea emerges amid China milk scandal | FP Passport

Rent-a-lactator idea emerges amid China milk scandal | FP Passport: "Rent-a-lactator idea emerges amid China milk scandal"

Foreign Policy's bloggers are intrigued by a Chinese entrepreneur's idea to market milk nannies. One woman, reported CNN, is being paid eight times what she would earn in a factory. Why does she have excess milk? She gave her own baby up fr adoption after violating China's one-baby-per-family policy.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm back

Hello, I'm back posting news to this website after an 18-month hiatus. I've decided to narrow the focus a bit. When I started this blog it was to help breastfeeding advocates keep up with current breastfeeding news. Things have changed in the Internet world and its pretty easy now to keep up with breastfeeding news. The news feed on the right is completely automated and does a pretty good job.

Instead I will focus in on a few specific areas of interest
- legislation related to breastfeeding
- human milk banks
- controversies

It's good to be back,

-- Jodine