Monday, December 06, 2004 News - Health - MSP enjoys breast ever month
Dec 06, 2004
"IT’S the most natural thing in the world but has sparked outrage and even seen a law passed protecting the right of women to do it. Now, in a bid to rid the activity of its stigma, an MSP has joined nursing mums in posing for a calendar featuring them breastfeeding their babies. Fiona Hyslop has been photographed breastfeeding five-month-old son Paul for the calendar, which aims to persuade women that breast is best. The calendar was created by health workers in West Lothian who were concerned about low levels of breastfeeding. It features nursing mums in everyday places, including McArthur Glen shopping centre and Almondvale Stadium. The tasteful shots are designed to show breastfeeding in public can be done discreetly. Ms Hyslop said: "I was asked if I would support the initiative and I was delighted to do so. Improving breastfeeding rates in the Lothians is a key public health issue. I was surprised to be asked - I never thought I would be a calendar girl. "I am now going back to parliament after maternity leave and I am trying to combine breastfeeding with my work as a parliamentarian," added the SNP Lothians list MSP, who has two other children...."