Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Parliament allows Marshall to breastfeed
17:01 AEST Wed 12 Mar 2003

"Celebrity MP Kirstie Marshall will be able to breastfeed her baby in Victoria's parliament after a ruling by speaker Judy Maddigan. Ms Maddigan said she had decided to allow breastfeeding of infant children in parliament after talks with all political parties. Ms Marshall, a former Olympic skier, was recently ordered from the Legislative Assembly after breastfeeding her baby in the chamber. The move was a breach of the so-called "strangers" rule banning non-MPs from the chamber. Ms Maddigan said she had decided to make an exception to the 146-year-old rule for infants who were being breastfed. "I have decided in relation to Kirstie, that if it is her view that is in the best interests of her child, she is welcome to bring it into the chamber at times when she is required to be there," she told reporters." [Common sense prevails! - JC]