Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Norway Leads Industrial Nations Back to Breast-Feeding"
Published: October 21, 2003
New York Times International
OSLO - Norway has revolutionized a woman's right to breast-feed

Mothers breast-feed when and where they want: buses, parks, cafes, stores. With rare exceptions, none leave the hospital without breast-feeding or dare ask for infant formula as a substitute. For trouble at home, the phone book obligingly lists a company called Breast-Feeding Help.

Working mothers also get a break: two hours off a day to breast-feed their child at home or in the office. Breast-feeding at the desk is not off limits." [You may need a (free) account to view this item - JC]
Study: Women Bear Brunt of Environmental Toxins: "Study: Women Bear Brunt of Environmental Toxins

Run Date: 10/21/03

By Rebecca Vesely
WeNews correspondent

A California study calls for further investigation into how environmental toxins affect women's health. It estimates the health care cost of U.S. women's environmentally associated diseases is $12.2 billion annually.

SAN FRANCISCO (WOMENSENEWS)--The push to link environmental safety to women's rights gained research footing last week with the release of a new report called Confronting Toxic Contamination in Our Communities: Women's Health and California's Future.

Released by the Women's Foundation of California, a grant-making organization based in San Francisco, the report on contaminants and women's health focuses on how women's biology and role in society makes them bear the brunt of environmental toxins."