Sunday, January 25, 2004

Sunny D
"It's the great cancer cover-up. Panicked into avoiding sunlight by health experts, we are now dying in our thousands from diseases linked to deficiencies of vitamin D. But still the exaggerated warnings come. Oliver Gillie reveals how sunbathing can save your life..." [This two-part, detailed article briefly references breastfeeding, saying human milk is "deficient" in Vit. D. - JC]

25 January 2004

How many times have you heard it: 'There's no such thing as a healthy tan.' Second only to 'smoking kills', avoiding the sun is the health advice that has most permeated our conciousness. Young and old, rich and poor, everyone knows that exposure to the sun puts us at risk of skin cancer. But does it? What if the advice we've been given to avoid the sun is wrong? What if hiding your skin from those seductive rays is putting your health in danger?"