Sunday, May 07, 2006 Breast Milk For Sale: "Breast Milk For Sale" By Amber Rupinta
(05/07/06 - RALEIGH) - Did you know that you can buy breast milk on the Internet? It's perfectly legal, but is it safe? Mothers, health experts and lawmakers all have opinions and many find it shocking and downright dangerous. Margie Mould runs the Mothers' Milk Bank at WakeMed and knows the risks that can come with stranger's milk. 'Babies could get very sick if they're exposed to viruses or even HIV& things like that can be passed through breast milk because it is a body fluid.' The bodily fluid often called the perfect source of nutrition for babies is now a booming business at milk banks like WakeMed's. 'We send out about 8 to 10 thousand ounces a month,' Mould explains. ..."

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Article: Money - Human milk now for sale in O.C.: "Human milk now for sale in O.C.
With help from a Southern California company, breastfeeding mothers can donate extra milk to feed premature babies.
The Orange County Register
A whole new market for breast milk
"Every Friday morning, Dani Dawson brings her baby boy to a Mommy and Me class along with their gift for other babies - a few extra ounces of her breast milk....Dawson donates her milk at the Birth Connection in Fullerton, which houses one of two new milk depots in Orange County. At the depots, breastfeeding moms can donate milk to feed premature or sick babies whose own mothers are unable to nurse. "It's the least I can do," said Dawson, 28, of Placentia. "I would encourage other moms to do it. Jakob can share," she says of her 2-month-old.
he milk depots, financed by Prolacta Bioscience, a Monrovia-based human-milk processing company, represent the first time human milk has been sold in Orange County...."
Parents in Northwest in 'Natural' Panic Over Shortage of Organic Baby Formula Now That Horizon Organic(R) Is Off the Shelf: Financial News - Yahoo!
: "Parents in Northwest in 'Natural' Panic Over Shortage of Organic Baby Formula Now That Horizon Organic(R) Is Off the ShelfMonday May 1, 5:21 pm ET
According to media reports, the recent discontinuation* of Horizon
Organic Infant Formula with Iron has Northwest moms flooding the Internet
to buy up the last scoop-fulls of the company's organic formulas that are no
longer in stores. The reports have some moms paying as much as $80 per can on
eBay and other sites...."