Tuesday, July 20, 2004

TheIowaChannel.com - Health - No Charges Filed In Breastfeeding Incident
WEST BRANCH, Iowa -- Prosecutors don't plan to file criminal charges against a West Branch restaurant owner who asked a nursing mother to cover up, go to the restroom or leave. Assistant Cedar County Attorney Sterling Benz said part of what they do is educate the public. He said if he can get restaurant owners to agree it won't happen again, then that might be enough...."
Breast-feeding cuts cancer risk

National Post
July 20, 2004
''This little study highlights in a larger way the importance of breast-feeding,'' said Shail Verma, a medical oncologist with the University of Ottawa's integrated cancer program. ''The bigger picture is that breast-feeding is good for all women.'' The study found breast-feeding for one year or longer cuts the risk even further."... [Excellent story, not a bad headline - but could they have said "not breastfeeding increases cancer risk for women" ? - JC]