Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Baby care controversy
WXYZ: Investigations
Steve Wilson
Nov 15, 2004
"Some local churches are using the popular Baby-Wise books by Gary Ezzo as a teaching aid in preparation for parenting. Ezzo is not a doctor, has no formal training in child development, and some say this advice is downright dangerous. Doctors at Children’s Hospital in Detroit are among those far and wide who oppose the Ezzo program, specifically his advice to impose a very strict schedule for infant feeding and his advice parents just ignore the screams of their hungry newborns to force them onto the schedule. "It is dangerous to do it the way he describes," Pediatrician Dr. Rosemary Shy says of Ezzo's technique. "It puts these babies at risk for jaundice, at risk for dehydration, and at risk for failing to thrive, all of which we’ve seen."..." [This is a link to a Real Video report - JC]