Friday, December 30, 2005

VOA News - Breastfeeding May Prevent Diabetes: "Breastfeeding May Prevent Diabetes By Amy Katz

Washington, DC

29 December 2005

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Breastfeeding of infants has long been hailed as the best way to give babies the nutrients they need.? Now a new study shows it may provide an important health benefit to mothers.? As Amy Katz reports, the study says nursing may reduce a woman's risk of developing diabetes in the future.

Alison Cape breastfeeding her daughterAlison Cape has been breastfeeding her daughter Charlotte since she was born.? 'I am planning on breastfeeding until I cannot do it any longer,%u201D she says, %u201Cwhich, I am hoping to go a full year, as I work, you know.? I'll go as far as I can.'" "
McClatchy Newspapers
January 01, 2006
WASHINGTON - When new moms have difficulty getting their arms in the right position to breastfeed their babies, Rebecca Garcia steps in with nursing aids that often solve the problem. So the lactation consultant from Walla Walla, Wash., was stunned to learn that one of her most popular nursing cushions was pulled from the market by a government agency that decided it could be a suffocation risk to sleeping babies. 'It'd be hard to get a baby to balance on that thing even if you were to try to,' said Garcia. 'It seemed like a bogus threat.' The Boston Billow hadn't been linked with any injuries or deaths when it was recalled in 2004. But the Consumer Product Safety Commission decided the 'nursing pillow' was too similar in design to an 'infant pillow' that was associated with baby deaths more than 15 years ago..."

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Baby Wrap 101 - New York Times

Published: December 15, 2005

"PEOPLE stopped on the sidewalk to point. Behind the window of Starwich, a sandwich shop on the far western reaches of 42nd Street, a bonanza was unfolding - folding and unfolding, actually - for women who preferred to wear their babies using a long swath of fabric. At least 25 women helped one another try on wraps from around the world, the mei tai from China, the Mexican rebozo, the Korean podaegi and the kanga from Kenya, among others. Aside from using the fabric as a fashionable way to feature their infants, who are, after all, the most winning fashion accessories imaginable, they saw baby-wearing as a wise, age-old practice. Babies who are worn by their parents cry less and are more engaged in the world around them, according to experts on raising children...."
Martek profits fall, CEO to retire -
Washington Business Journal
Rachel Sams Contributing Writer

Martek Biosciences reported fourth-quarter earnings of $5 million, down from more than $35 million in profit last year. The Columbia-based bioscience company also disclosed that CEO Henry 'Pete' Linsert Jr. will retire next summer. Linsert has been CEO since 1989. He will remain chairman of the firm, the company said. Martek said its president, Steve Dubin, will succeed Linsert as CEO. ..."