Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Miracle Milk Mother's Day Stroll - get on board now!

Check out the Stroll website here.
The Best for Babes Foundation is once again showing leadership with the launch the first annual Miracle Milk(TM) Mother's Day Stroll.

With its blunt, "human milk saves lives" messaging and fearless reminder that 500 babies die each year of Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC), BfB is kickstarting awareness and donations of funds - and milk! -  for HMBANA's network of US and Canadian non-profit milk banks. The stroll also supports the fledgling NEC Society, ROSE, a group working to empower African American women to embrace breastfeeding as a cultural and societal norm, and USLCA, whose important work helps ensure breastfeeding support from trained professionals is there for moms who need it.

There are dozens of sites popping up all over Canada and the US - want to get involved? Take a look at the Coordinator’s Responsibilites then contact @ kelly@bestforbabes.org to volunteer to run a US Stroll, or me, jchase@mediaworkswest.com if you want to organize a Stroll in Canada.

I love this event - here's why:
  • It raises the need for donor human milk where it should be, alongside national events like Run for the Cure.
  • Best for Babes Foundation is a leader in the formation of ethical partnerships - only their CARE-WHO Business Alliance members, who agree to uphold a code supporting mothers, and to meet their responsibilities under the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes, can participate in Best for Babes projects, events, and programs. PJ's comfort breast pump maker Limerick and MotherLove Herbal company are on board as major event sponsors.
  • Order a t-shirt !

  • There are cute t-shirts! And lots of ways to participate - if there's no Stroll in your community, you can still donate funds or donate milk!

I'm lined up as the Canadian site coordinator, and I invite you to get on board and support this important cause. Registration is by donation - sign up now!

- Jodine