Sunday, August 01, 2004

100 Million to go to Victims of Baby-Formula Tragedy

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News
17:25 Aug 01, '04 / 14 Av 5764
"Humana, the German parent company of baby-formula distributor Remedia, has agreed to pay $100 million to the 17 families of children who died or whose health suffered as a result of a vitamin-deficient soy-based baby formula. Israel's Channel 2 television station reported that the damages would be the largest ever paid in Israel's history...."
Breastfeeding at work -
By Maria Longley/staff
"Tricia LaGrua nurses her 3-month-old son Braddock. LaGrua, a clinical social worker, returned to work part-time after she had her first child, Gabriel, now 2, and would pump milk between clients. She has decided to stay home longer after having Braddock. Spending the first six weeks at home with a new baby is tough work. But for moms who want to continue breastfeeding on the job, the thought of going back to work can be as daunting as anticipating labor pain. Will my boss and co-workers understand my need to pump, or if possible, nurse (especially if my boss is a man)? Where can I find a private spot to pump at work? Can I make enough time to pump Once she's started, a nursing mom has to feed her child or pump regularly to maintain her milk supply, so making arrangements early can mean the difference between many months of breastfeeding and giving up in frustration Jenny Deegan had to overcome several challenges when she went back to work as a line supervisor at DuPont, now Invista. She was breastfeeding her son Tyler, now 5...."
Petition seeks legal protection for breastfeeding
02 August 2004

"An Auckland woman has launched a petition calling for a law to protect rights for breastfeeding in public. Liz Weatherly said she was upset after having to withdraw her son from a childcare centre because staff objected to her breastfeeding the toddler in the cloakroom. Ms Weatherly said in a statement today there was no legal protection in New Zealand for women who experienced hostility or discrimination because they were breastfeeding. 'Young children need to be fed frequently and this means mothers often have to feed in public places...."