Friday, December 16, 2011

Prolacta/IBMP offer $300 pump credit instead of breast pump to donors

The International Breast Milk Project, which collects breast milk donations for South African infants through a partnership with Prolacta (a partnership that sees 3/4 of the donor milk used in a product sold by Prolacta, and the rest processed and sent to South African milk banks) is drawing attention to a new Prolacta program. Prolacta is offering a $300 reimbursement for donors for the cost of their breast pump. Moms need to have donated 300 ounces in the last few months, or commit to donating that amount by the end of December 2011.

Why are they doing this?

"We truly appreciate the commitment our mothers make in donating their extra breast milk. Our policy has been to cover any costs associated with milk donation, including testing, breast milk storage bags, and shipping. In the past we have supplied a breast pump. However, we learned that many of our moms already had a breast pump. We are excited to offer our moms who donate a minimum of 300 qualified ounces, the opportunity for their pump to be reimbursed." - Q&A on Prolacta's pump reimbursement program

As noted above Prolacta "in the past" provided breast pumps. Prolacta was founded by Elena Medo, who was also the founder and CEO of White River Concepts which created and manufactured a breastpump, the White River Pump. Medo is no longer with Prolacta and now is an owner at North American Instruments, a company selling medical instruments including the Calais Human Milk Analyzer.