Sunday, September 12, 2004

After baby, it's time to get back to grind
San Mateo County Times Online - Business News
Sunday, September 12, 2004 - 3:33:41 AM PST
Some new mothers have no choice, but it's still becomes quite a balancing act
By Amy Joyce, Washington Post
"WASHINGTON -- After her son was born 14 months ago, Denise Lane-White returned to her job as a patent attorney with a bit of trepidation, like many mothers who return from maternity leave. But also like many moms, she was looking forward to getting back to work, although she knew the transition would not be simple after 12 paid weeks of maternity leave and two weeks of vacation time. 'It was actually a little easier than I expected,' she said. 'I missed the intellectual stimulation of my job. I maybe also prepared myself for being totally devastated. I was sad, and I missed my baby during the day. But it wasn't the (all)-encompassing devastation I expected.' Lane-White returned to work on a Thursday. That way, she didn't have to dive into a full workweek without her baby. Her firm, Blank Rome LLP in Washington, offered her a quiet, private room to pump her breast milk during the day. But instead, she used her office so she could continue to work. Co-workers knew to stay clear when the 'meeting in progress' sign was taped to her closed door. She bought a mini refrigerator so she 'didn't have to put my breast milk next to people's moldy lunches,' she said...."