Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Joanna Moorhead: One long experience
After 13 years of breastfeeding, the time has finally come to hang up my drop-cup bra
Joanna Moorhead
Wednesday April 20, 2005
The Guardian
"Like their 15 minutes of fame, everyone should have their claim to rarity. So here is mine: I'm a long-term breastfeeder. That could mean I'm one of the 43% of mothers feeding for more than six weeks, or one of the 29% still carrying on at four months, or even one of the 14% hanging on in there at nine months. But the truth is I don't know exactly how small the minority is that I'm in, because I have been breastfeeding for 13 years - and no one seems to be collating the figures that far down the line.... "
The China Post: "DOH head apologizes over infant formula issue (Updated 01:11 A.M.)
The China Post staff and CNA
The head of the Department of Health (DOH) apologized yesterday over the way the department handled the issue of suspected tainted infant formula produced by French manufacturer Celia and reassured the public that the contaminated products did not enter the Taiwan market...."