Wednesday, January 19, 2005 - Call 4 Action - Call 4 Action: Breast Pump Policies
POSTED: 5:45 pm EST January 19, 2005
"Women who use breast pumps to release milk do it for comfort reasons, but also to ensure that the milk is continually produced for their babies. Call 4 Action reporter Meghan Jones says employers must provide a place for working mothers to do it. However, women are on their own when they're outside their homes or offices. Tricia Gray, who works in the health care industry, uses a breast pump to express milk when she's away from her 4-month-old daughter, Cameron. A closed door and an electrical outlet is all she needs...."
New York Post Online Edition: news
"January 16, 2005 -- It's not just babies sucking down breast milk anymore. In small but growing numbers, adults are swigging it themselves hoping for a miracle cure for cancer and therapy against a host of other ailments. Based on European research showing breast milk is a potent cancer killer in the lab and beefs up immune systems of organ-transplant recipients and others, about 50 Americans pressed their doctors for milk prescriptions last year, up from nearly zero five years ago. Len Capp, 60, of South River, N.J., was one of the intrepid few. When he was diagnosed with prostate cancer three years ago, Capp's doctor wanted to operate immediately, but based on research Capp uncovered, he convinced his doctor to wait — and to write him a prescription for breast milk. 'I forced the prescription,' said Capp, who had to sign a waiver with a North Carolina milk bank to supply him with unpasteurized milk, something they typically don't do. The milk was shipped frozen overnight...."

Capp drank two breast-milk fruit shakes a day, about 8 ounces of milk."