Thursday, June 24, 2004

Natrel introduces Low-Fat Omega-3 Milk Beverage in Ontario
CNW Telbec
MARKHAM, ON, June 24 /CNW/ - Natrel, the national leader in value-added milk, today announced the Ontario launch of Natrel Omega-3, a new variety of enriched milk beverage. Natrel Omega-3 achieves the highest standards for a healthy milk beverage with a number of advanced product attributes including:

- Among the highest concentration of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids
in milk products available in Ontario
- Recognized as a source of Omega-3 by Health Canada standards
- Low in saturated fat
- A low-fat Omega-3 milk option
Pregnancy Bad for Good Cholesterol
Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage
Thu 24 June, 2004 19:19
"NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Pregnancy seems to cause a drop in 'good' HDL cholesterol levels that may persist for up to 10 years, according to the results of a new study....
'Genetic factors, changes in fat distribution, and behavioral practices (breastfeeding) that may offset the negative effects of a first birth on (cholesterol levels) should be examined,' the researchers add.

SOURCE: American Journal of Epidemiology, June 1, 2004."
Rate of childhood strokes has doubled: study News Staff
June 25, 2004
"Researchers say improved detection and diagnosis can't fully explain a shocking new statistic. Twice as many children are suffering strokes than was previously believed. According to Dr. Gabrielle deVeber, a Hospital for Sick Children pediatric neurologist, hospitals are seeing more and more children like two-year-old William Lewis. Just six hours after he was born, a blood clot choked off the supply of blood to his brain, triggering a seizure...." [Note the unfortunate illustration... - JC]