Saturday, November 20, 2004


Nov 20 2004
Daily Record
"NEWBORN children should not be fed powdered baby milk because it often contains a deadly bug, health experts warned yesterday. The European Food Safety Agency advised mums should use liquid formula milk for the first four weeks of life if breastfeeding was not possible. They say the powdered milk can contain a bacterium which causes meningitis or severe gut problems. Older babies can fight off the infection but newborns and premature to..."
Democrat & Chronicle:
(November 20, 2004) — Dr. Ruth A. Lawrence was unlike many women in the 1950s — she had a full-time job, and a prestigious one at that.
But she tried to never let it get in the way of raising her nine (that's right, nine) children. I was very careful to do my share to never dump my children on somebody else, to make as many or more cookies for PTA meetings, do as much or more car pooling. I never, ever let somebody think I wasn't doing my share," said Lawrence, who is still working at the University of Rochester Medical Center as a professor of pediatrics...."