Monday, December 15, 2003

( Hitting the books and changing diapers
: "Hitting the books and changing diapers
By Daina Klimanis
Staff writer
"As she rushes out of her apartment at 6:15 a.m., Ebony Sails first puts on her coat and backpack. Then she slings a bag full of baby bottles over one shoulder and a bag holding a breast milk pump over the other. Once everything is in place, she leans over to pick up her son, Jalen, who's just shy of 5 months old. She'll drop him off at her grandmother's house and then go to work at the Department of Energy. Later she'll drive to the university; during her breaks between classes, she'll pump breast milk into bottles in the bathroom of Tydings Hall...." [I really like that this is in a student newspaper - what a great role model this women is to her fellow students... most of these young people will have given no thought up until now to the idea that one can pump breastmilk to nourish a child.- JC]
McCullough tapped to head Ross Products - 2003-12-15 - Business First of Columbus
"Gary McCullough has been named head of Abbott Laboratories Inc.'s Columbus-based Ross Products division. McCullough replaces Gary Flynn, who will retire in 2004 after 32 years with Abbott...."