Thursday, September 26, 2002

dailyrecord - GROW UP AND GET SERIOUSThe Scottish business association suggests Scottish politicians need to get serious with ther legislative agenda, citing a ban on fox-hunting and support for public breastfeeding as examples of frivilous activity....CBI's Iain MacMillan says "These things are not important in the great scheme of things, like getting Scotland's economy moving, improving people's lives and all that kind of thing. That is all self- indulgent and I think the parliament needs to grow up.

[Hmmm, MacMillan doesn't think being able to breastfeed in public without fear of harassment or arrest is an improvement in peoples lives? - J]
Breastfed kids brighter September 25, 2002 -- Breastfed children tend to end up significantly more intelligent than those who are bottle-fed, a major Australian study has concluded...
The Courier Mail: Breastfed babies 'have higher IQs' [26sep02]
This is yet another of many research studies showing that formula-fed babies have lower IQs. It's common sense. When we are pregnant we are so careful to wtch what we eat - we're growing a baby, after all. Yet that newborn brain is not fully grown when it is born. In the first year of life a baby's brain will double in size. - JC