Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Phuket Gazette - online English newspaper for Phuket, Thailand,: "Milkmaid of human kindness
BANGKOK: You won't find many 71-year-old women bragging about their bosoms, but a fortune teller in Bangkok recently invited reporters to squeeze her breasts to prove that they were filled with milk. And not just any old milk. The woman, whose chest measures an impressive 38 inches, claims to have an abundant supply of "supernatural" milk that can ease pain, cure paralysis and ward off black magic...."
Breast cancer charity rejects Nestlé's £1m: "
By Maxine Frith, Social Affairs Correspondent
06 May 2004
"A leading breast cancer charity has rejected a £1 million promotional deal with the food giant Nestlé because of ethical concerns over the company's promotion of formula baby milk in the Third World. Breakthrough Breast Cancer has decided not to profit from an offer by Nestlé, which has been accused of repeatedly breaching an international code banning the marketing of baby milk in developing countries. Every 30 seconds a baby diesbecause of contaminated water in a bottle-feed of formula milk..."
Campaign highlights benefits of breastfeeding
4NI - Northern Ireland On The Internet
5 May 2004
"The Health Promotion Agency (HPA) has launched a campaign aimed at highlighting the benefits of breastfeeding to mothers in Northern Ireland. The campaign aims to raise public awareness about the health benefits for both baby and mother, and to normalise breastfeeding so it becomes socially acceptable in the province. Research carried out by the HPA shows that over one third of people in Northern Ireland consider breastfeeding to be embarrassing and over half feel breastfeeding should not be seen in public..."