Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Martek's DHA and ARA Oils Now Available in Infant Formula in Canada
Wednesday January 29, 9:16 am ET

COLUMBIA, Md., Jan. 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Martek Biosciences Corporation (Nasdaq: MATK - News) announced today that Mead Johnson Nutritionals? Canada has introduced a new DHA- and ARA-fortified infant formula to its line of Enfamil products. The new formula, Enfamil A , contains Martek's proprietary blend of plant-derived docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid (ARA). Enfamil A is the first and only formula in Canada to contain these nutrients...."
Breast milk enters Chinese cuisine Tuesday, 28 January, 2003, 14:43 GMT

"Chinese chefs will go to great lengths to please their customers and the unusual ingredient they are reported to be using of late seems to confirm that reputation.

According to local newspapers, a restaurant in southern Hunan province has started offering dishes cooked with human breast milk.

When the customers are having the human milk banquet, they can experience maternal love at the same time

Restaurant owner

Two dishes were offered for the first time on 25 January, featuring abalone and perch.

The eatery, in the provincial capital Changsha, is said to be hoping to expand to the town of Shenzhen - a booming economic zone, across the border from Hong Kong. " [One could point out that breast milk has always been the first human cuisine... - JC]

A diary with pictures - JAN 29, 2003,,
STRAITS TIMES photographer How Hwee Young's brief was simple: Go snap a group shot of breastfeeding mothers at a World Breastfeeding Week event in Plaza Singapura.

That assignment would take her all of three hours to complete. But the end result - capturing 'a rare moment when they were so exuberant' - made the effort worthwhile. It was published in The Straits Times (ST) on Aug 5, 2002.

This heartwarming picture is among 240 colour shots which have been compiled in a 128-page book, A Year In Pictures 2002." [A great picture. Unfortunate wording, "a rare moment when they were so exuberant..." - JC]
Breastfeeding row goes to the topJanuary 28, 2003

"VICTORIAN Attorney-General Rob Hulls has issued a please explain to the Melbourne Racing Club over an alleged ban on breastfeeding at committee room functions.
Mr Hulls today said racing clubs were able to make their own rules regarding admittance to the course, but such rules could not be used to get around equal opportunity laws.

"The Melbourne Racing Club is on Crown land and the Melbourne Racing Club needs to understand that we have laws in this state that make it quite clear that you cannot discriminate against a person on the basis of breastfeeding."

Mr Hulls' comments follow a dispute between the Mayor of the City of Glen Eira, Peter Goudge, and the club, after his wife was told she was not allowed to breastfeed their 12-week-old son at a committee room function yesterday." [Hmmm, the mayor's wife. Good for her for making a stink. - JC]