Thursday, August 26, 2004

Scoop: Powdered milk warning labels must be mandatory: "Powdered milk warning labels must be mandatory
Friday, 27 August 2004, 11:39 am
Press Release: Green Party

Powdered milk warning labels must be mandatory

Green MP Sue Kedgley is calling for mandatory warning labels on powdered milk formula in the wake of the tragedy at Waikato Hospital’s neonatal unit, where a premature baby died after being infected by bacteria believed to have come from a powdered milk formula.

“Parents must be given adequate information about the risks of powdered infant formula so they can avoid feeding it to newborn infants and opt for breastfeeding or ready made liquid formula instead,” said Ms Kedgley, the Green Party’s Safe Food spokesperson." | NEWS | HEALTH | Warning over powdered formula issued
August 26, 2004
"Health and food safety officials have issued strong warnings about using powdered milk formula following the death of a premature baby in Waikato. Officials say the baby's death was linked to a bacteria called Enterobacter sakazakii which can be found in the environment and in low levels in infant formula. Dr Pat Tuohy from the Health Ministry says the six week premature baby developed an infection, which was treated at the time, but depsite the prompt treatment the baby developed meningitis and died...."