Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Dangerous fats lurk in seemingly healthy snacksThe Globe and Mail, October 23, 2003

"Mornings often seem like the most hectic part of the day for Maureen deBarra, as she rushes to get her three daughters off to school."There are a million things to do," the 39-year-old Toronto mother said . So, to save time, she has relied on a lot of prepackaged foods for her kids' lunches.......But, as it turns out, a lot of prepared foods -- including granola bars, microwave popcorn, crackers and cookies -- are loaded with unhealthy, artificially altered fats called trans fatty acids. Also known as hydrogenated vegetable oil, trans fats make pastries flaky and cookies fresh tasting -- yet they can be extremely bad for your health... a growing body of medical evidence indicates that trans fats can clog arteries and lead to premature heart disease -- just like saturated fats from meat and dairy products....However, what has some researchers really worried are the long-term consequences of a generation raised on trans fats. It's even getting into breast milk through mothers' diets...." [I'm not sure what's more disturbing, a mom who packs chocolate bars and chips in her kids' lunches, or the idea that trans fats are in breastmilk - JC]
Ananova - Fresh hearing into lieutenant's breastfeeding claim "
An RAF lieutenant who is challenging the Ministry of Defence over breastfeeding at work is to have her case reheard. Helen Williams, 31, from Bristol, is to have a fresh hearing into her claim that the MoD sexually discriminated against her by making it impossible to breastfeed her baby daughter at work. A ruling on her claim could affect thousands of women hoping to breastfeed once they return to work either by taking time out to feed their babies or to express milk."
: Enzymotec and Nics Corporation signs on exclusive agreement
Food Ingredients First
October 2003
Enzymotec Ltd., Israel has signed an exclusive agreement with Nics Corporation Ltd., Korea. According to this agreement, Nics will exclusively market InFat, to the dairy and infant formula markets in Korea. This is the second agreement for Enzymotec in the Korean market and part of its global effort to establish itself as a science driven producer of advanced bio-functional ingredients for the functional foods and nutraceuticals industries."