Friday, November 07, 2003

News - AAP: Breastfeeding Status and Mother-Infant Separation Are Independent Predictors of Maternal Maltreatment
"By Jill Taylor
NEW ORLEANS, LA -- November 7, 2003 -- Breastfeeding and mother-infant contact appear to have a protective influence on subsequent child abuse and neglect, according a new study presented here on November 3rd at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition.

In both human and animal studies, breastfeeding is associated with blunted maternal stress reactivity and reduced levels of maternal anxiety. Conversely, prolonged maternal separation appears to have an inverse effect...."
Modeling prowess milked in formula ads : "Modeling prowess milked in formula ads
November 7, 2003

"Some new moms may be a bit envious of how great fellow new mom Brooke Shields looks in two new television spots for infant formula Bright Beginnings.

But lest we forget, Shields did do time as a fashion model, so she knows something about how to present herself...."
EPA will phase out flame retardant chemical found in breast milk

The Environmental Protection Agency is moving to phase out some toxic flame-retardant chemicals that have shown up in high levels in the breast milk of American women, including one in Missouri. The EPA announced this week that a major manufacturer of two widely used brominated flame retardants would phase out their production by the end of next year because of health concerns. Great Lakes Chemical Corp. of West Lafayette, Ind., will replace the chemicals, known as Penta and Octa, with a product deemed to be safer. "
Health Ministry suspects soy-based product led to babies' brain damage
Haaretz - Article
Last Update: 07/11/2003 20:40
By Ran Reznick, Haaretz Correspondent

"The Health Ministry called Friday for the immediate
halt in use of Remedia soy-based baby food, after
ministry officials viewed initial findings of an
investigation on the recent hospitalization of a
number of babies who suffered brain damage.

Ministry tests found that six
babies hospitalized recently
with brain damage had been
fed Remedia's soy-based
product, and therefore the
ministry ordered that the
product be pulled from store
shelves by Sunday.