Thursday, April 22, 2004

The Daily Telegraph | Not the breast way
By ZOE TAYLOR Medical Reporter
Daily Telegraph
April 23, 2004
"ONLY a tiny proportion of babies in NSW are being exclusively breastfed to the recommended age of six-months..." | Fake baby milk scandal worsens (April 23, 2004)From correspondents in Beijing
April 23, 2004
"TWO companies linked to a fake baby milk powder scam in which dozens of babies have died or fallen ill are being investigated as the scandal widened today with new cases emerging. In a sign that more babies could be affected, local newspapers in at least eight provinces reported the discovery of dangerous infant formula with little or no nutritional value. According to hospitals in Fuyang, Anhui province,171 171 infants have suffered malnutrition since May last year after being fed with milk powder containing just a fraction of the recommended amounts of protein and other nutrients...."