Sunday, December 18, 2011

Prolacta Bioscience confirms its human milk fortifier price is $6.25/ml

In response to a recent query on twitter from IBCLC Amber McCann, Prolacta has confirmed its pricing for its human milk-derived fortifier. 

Study finds smoking lowers lipid and protein in human milk

Breastfeeding Medicine
Effects of Smoking, Mother's Age, Body Mass Index, and Parity Number on Lipid, Protein, and Secretory Immunoglobulin A Concentrations of Human Milk

...Conclusion: Our study showed that smoking was associated with lower milk lipid and protein concentrations and that the parity number and BMI were associated with a change in milk lipids and proteins content, respectively."

Example of human milk for sale on the Internet

Here is an example of someone selling breastmilk and noting she has was screened to donate to a milk bank with a previous baby. She is selling the milk for $2.00/ounce.

Donate Buy and Sell Buy Breast Milk The Only Classified Listing Service for Moms Buying, Selling or Donating Breast Milk - Calling all hungry babies! Bank certified milk! - Texas - Houston - USA - Bank Certified : Breast Milk Classifieds Buy Sell or Donate Breast Milk: Calling all hungry babies! Bank certified milk!

Contact Information
Contact Jackie S
Location : Houston, Texas, USA
$ 2.00
More Information
I am a healthy GYM goer/YOGA instructor/university graduate with a surplus of breastmilk. My baby is 5 months old. I also have a two year old and a four year old.

I have over 200 oz in my deep freeze with more daily.

With my second baby I donated nearly 2,000 oz to the milk bank. I was screened and cleared to donate.