Thursday, November 13, 2003

The Salt Lake Tribune -- Kirby: Toxic twins: Nuke waste, Mom's milk
Robert Kirby
Tribune Columnist [Jodine notes, a "humour" columnist.]

    Nuclear waste and mother's milk have a lot in common these days. Both are naturally occurring substances that finicky people do not want anywhere near a large order of french fries.
    Before rabid environmentalists angrily denounce mother's milk as unnatural, allow me to point out that I am not defending it. After all, if mother's milk were safe for public consumption, wouldn't you be able to order a double tall mom's latte at Starbucks?
    As for radiation, what do you think the sun generates? Granted, it's 93 million miles away but shouldn't that be what we really worry about? After all, when was the last time anyone demanded that babies be slathered in milk block before being nursed? ...

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