Thursday, November 13, 2003

Nestle Launches Nestle(R) Good Start(R) Supreme DHA & ARA: "Nestle Launches Nestle(R) Good Start(R) Supreme DHA & ARA
Thursday November 13, 10:00 am ET

First and Only Routine Infant Formula to Combine DHA and ARA for Brain and Eye Development With Comfort Proteins(R) for Easy Digestion and Reduced Potential for Protein Sensitization and Intolerance

GLENDALE, Calif., Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Nestle USA, part of Nestle S.A., a world leader in infant nutrition, announces the launch of Nestle Good Start Supreme DHA & ARA. The new formula is now available nationwide and contains two fatty acids, docosahexaenoic acid and arachidonic acid, also known as DHA and ARA, that are naturally found in breastmilk and have been linked with improved brain and visual development in babies. In addition to including one of the highest levels of DHA and ARA available in the United States, Nestle Good Start Supreme DHA & ARA is the only routine formula to combine the benefits of DHA and ARA with easy-to-digest Comfort Proteins® that are designed to be gentle on a baby's developing digestive system and reduce the potential for babies to develop protein sensitization and intolerance.... Although healthy, full-term babies make their own DHA and ARA from the nutrients found in standard infant formula, recent studies suggest there may be benefits from direct supplementation of formula with DHA and ARA...."

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