Thursday, February 01, 2007

The best headline I've seen in a while...

I mean, are these guys for real?! Ms. Laycock is looking for a pro-bono lawyer. -- Ed.

"National Pork Board Threatens to Sue Lactivist Blogger
By Summer Minor
February 01, 2007

The National Pork Board has threatened to sue a breastmilk promoting mom over her spin off use of the Pork Board's trademark phrase "the other white meat". Jennifer Laycock, editor of Search Engine Guide, and founder of The Lactivist a site that aims to promote breastfeeding, stated that she recently received a letter threatening legal action over one of the humorous shirts that she sells from her blog.

The shirt in question reads "The Other White Milk", which Laycock says "I was comparing breastmilk which just happens to be white with the milk of a variety of other animals (cows? goats?) that happen to produce white milk and that often gets fed to infants INSTEAD of breast milk." She feels that this legal threat is ridiculous, and others agree...."

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