Saturday, February 08, 2003

Resolution encourages breast feeding
By ROBERT W. BLACK Associated Press
Hilltop Nationla Bank
Feb 08, 2003
"CHEYENNE -- A Senate committee on Friday endorsed a resolution recognizing the value of breast-feeding and encouraging "an important and basic act of nurture." House Joint Resolution 5 had earlier been passed 57-3 by the House." [I'm not sure what the resolution is going to accomplish, but it can't be a bad thing. i note some fo the testimony, reported thus: "
Michelle Swanson, a nursing mother from Cheyenne, spoke of her struggles visiting her father at the Wyoming State Penitentiary and the limitations placed on her in the visiting room.

On two visits she had to retire to the restroom to nurse her son, she said.

"There shouldn't be any reason that I would have to nurse my baby on the toilet seat," she said, calling it humiliating. Although prison staff have been more accommodating recently, she still has been treated "rudely and they were very reluctant to let me into another room." Glenda Skaggs, manager of maternal services at United Medical Center in Cheyenne, spoke of the problems she encountered after asking to put a breast-feeding educational video on the hospital's internal TV system. She was initially told that "it would be like pornography," before eventually being given permission." - JC]

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