Saturday, February 08, 2003

NURSING IN PUBLIC: Law's on mothers' side, but critics say there is too much exposure
February 4, 2003
"Molly Bascom-Keller sat inside the Summit Place Mall's new primary-colored play structure, discreetly nursing her baby while her older children romped in the ball pit.
The 31-year-old Oak Park mother watched as a mall employee crawled on hands and knees through the kid-size tunnel toward her. Bascom-Keller sat stunned as the woman began screaming for her to stop breast-feeding, accusing her of offending other customers. "I was shocked when it happened and I went home in tears," said Bascom-Keller, who also said she had been badgered for breast-feeding at the Detroit Zoo, museums and restaurants. Kim Tyree, manager of the Waterford mall's play area, said it was an issue of sanitation, noting that mall policy prohibits food and beverages in the play area. And breast milk, Tyree said, is food."

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