Saturday, February 08, 2003

Herald Sun: Baby suffocates during breast feed [09feb03],
"A distraught mother has warned of the danger of falling asleep while breastfeeding after she accidentally suffocated her baby. Caroline Fuller, 22, dozed off while giving five-week-old Dylan an evening feed on the sofa, and awoke to find him lifeless in her arms. She could not revive him, and rushed him to hospital, where he later died. The tragedy happened last September, but only now has the mother of three felt able to talk publicly about her son's death. She said she only fell asleep while breastfeeding because she had been told by health visitors that it was normal and safe to do so. "I blame myself because I should have done what I thought was best, added Miss Fullerr. She said she had dozed off with Dylan, and when she woke up he was cold and blue. "I am sure that if I had not fallen asleep on the sofa, my son would be alive today." [This is a very brief news report and it's hard to say what message thsi woman is deliverying. Is she saying she wasn't given infromation about safe co-sleeping (sleeping with baby on a sofa or chair isn't considered safe)? The death of a baby is a terrible tragedy. - JC]

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