Friday, December 30, 2011

Utah moms donate a ton of milk (and why are we measuring human milk donations by weight?)

University of Utah's donor milk bank has collected over 2,300 lbs of milk (Yes, that's pounds. Why are we measuring human milk donations in pounds now?) from about 30 donors.

Co-director Christy Porucznik is paraphrased in this Salt Lake Trib article as saying she doesn't think Prolacta's recent foray into the state, which has a relatively high breastfeeding initiation and duration rates, has made an impact on supplies.

Which is interesting since Prolacta's Helping Hands milk bank, which to collects milk for free from women to feed the Prolacta product line, said in November they received 50 applications from Utah moms after they launched their recruitment campaign. Did the donors change their minds once they learned their milk would be going to a for-profit company instead of a the non-profit HMBANA Mother's Milk bank?

At any rate, HMBANA president Jean Drulis says they collected 112,500 pounds (pounds?!) of milk from 3,000 women last year.
"Utahns donate one ton of breast milk to needy infants | The Salt Lake Tribune mobile edition: Utahns donate one ton of breast milk to needy infants

The Salt Lake Tribune
First published Dec 28 2011 03:44PM
Updated Dec 28, 2011 09:22PM

Utah reached a milk milestone this month.

Nursing women have donated more than one ton of breast milk to a nonprofit milk bank since the University of Utah opened its milk donation center in February."

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