Friday, December 30, 2011

Hospitals, nurses, moms, activists, all play a role to protect and support breastfeeding

This excellent article illustrates how the work being done to protect and encourage breastfeeding is broad and all-encompassing. Here we see the protests at Target, informing moms of their rights to nurse in public, efforts to get infant formula freebies out of hospitals, support for lactation programs in hospitals, the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, and the need to seek funding for human milk donations - they are all part of the same effort: to protect and support breastfeeding. Doctors, nurses, lactation consultants, midwives, moms, activists - all play a role. (And good work, Sarasota Memorial, for hooking your story into the current media angle of nurse-ins at Target.)
"Sarasota Memorial: Breast-feeding Yes, Formula No - Sarasota, FL Patch: Sarasota Memorial: Breast-feeding Yes, Formula No
Sarasota Memorial Hospital is concentrating its efforts to educate new mothers about the benefits of breast-feeding and has stopped giving formula to new moms.
By Charles Schelle

Ever since the breast-feeding incident at a Houston Target store, feeding babies by breast has garnered plenty of comments from folks both for and against feeding in public...."

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