Monday, November 28, 2011

LLL founders didn't intend to found an international org

Great feature on Marian Tomson, co-founder of La Leche League. The reporter notes, "Tompson told me that the original seven founders initially had no ambitions to start an international organization."

Promoting the health benefits of mother's milk before it was popular - When Marian Tompson had her first three babies in the 1950s, she wanted to breast-feed each, but she had complications. Her first child spit up too much. With the other two, she worried that she wasn't producing enough milk.

Three separate pediatricians discouraged her from breast-feeding for longer than six months and told her to switch to formula.

But with her fourth child, Tompson nursed more freely. She and her husband found a family doctor who supported breast-feeding and whose wife, Mary White, had breast-fed their children. White had given birth in her Franklin Park home and was adamant about bucking the bottle-feeding trend of the day.

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