Monday, December 11, 2006

Raisingkids: News - Daily Parenting News: Do epidurals affect breastfeeding?: "Do Epidurals Affect Breastfeeding? December 11 2006

Survey suggests women twice as likely to give up breastfeeding
Here's another survey statistic that seems designed to make women feel bad about their pain-relief decisions during labour. A report out by the International Breastfeeding Journal suggests that women who elect to have an epidural during childbirth end up paying for that decision with greater difficulty in breastfeeding.
The survey of 1280 women found that women who had epidurals were more likely to experience difficulty breastfeeding in the first few days after giving birth than women who didn't have an epidural. Six months on, women who'd had an epidural were much more likely to have given up on breastfeeding with only 53% still breastfeeding as opposed to 72% of women who hadn't had an epidural."...

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