Monday, December 11, 2006

BCNG Portals Page: "Banking on mother's milk Hospital gives moms a healthy alternative
By Martin van den Hemel, Staff Reporter, Richmond Review
Dec 09 2006

New mothers in Richmond will now be able to make healthy withdrawals from a bank of donated breast milk.
For the past 30 years, B.C. Women's Milk Bank has been providing pasteurized donor milk to high risk and ill children when their moms are not able to provide enough breast milk.
"Entering into this partnership with B.C. Women's Hospital means that we, at Richmond Hospital, can offer our new moms more options and more support at a crucial time in the lives of their children," said Richmond Hospital spokesperson Viviana Zanocco.
The pasteurized milk is provided with a doctor's or a midwife's prescription. Recipients outside of B.C. Children's Hospital or B.C. Women's Hospital are charged a processing fee.
Milk is collected from donors who are healthy moms who have completed an extensive screening process and who are able to produce more milk than their babies need." (Entire article)
[Congrats to the BC Women's Milk Bank on this new partnership, a significant development as Canada's only milk bank. - JC]

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